15PCS Blushing Bride Premium Eye Makeup Brush Set


This set is inspired by the famous flower of South African-Blushing Bride, symbolizing love and freedom. A set of pink makeup brushes suitable for novices, enthusiasts and professional makeup artists will bring you a pleasant sensory experience. 15-25pcs/set Makeup brushes set includes various brush shapes, apply for all makeup looks, ideal for face and eyeshadow, suitable for professional or home use.

For Brush Hair:

Traditional Handmade Patent,The new upgraded Mixed Natural & Synthetic Hair Elastic, Soft and Silky, Dense Strong Ability to Grasp Powder and Make up. Creating a delicate makeup becomes extremely easy.

For Handle:

Unique Blushing Pink handle with Ingenious Functional Bronzing. Let the exquisiteness accompany by your side. 7 Times Coated Birch Wood with Proper Weight, Each One has a Functional Identification for Convenient Distinguishing. Our care is shown in the details

For Ferrule:

Unique & Fine matt Golden Metal Ferrule Textured and Beautiful, Durable, Fixed tightly. A good experience of worry-free use.

T294 (15pcs/set ) : Blushing Bride/Golden Eye Brush kit:

2pcs* Concealer : # 142 , # 233 ;
6pcs* Blending : # 221, # 223, # 227, # 228, # 230, # 231 ;
4pcs * Eyeshadow: # 222, # 226, # 234, # 237 ;
3pcs * Brow & Liner : # 312 , # 317, # 322

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