Essential Eye Brush Set 12 PCS


To Create the Finishing Touch of your Makeup with This Essential Eye Brushes Set
12pcs eye brushes set(13 type of brushes), all are classic brushes useful for various eye makeup requirements.  Bigger and longer, smaller and shorter brushes all are essential for every makeup lovers.
The brushes are made with natural and synthetic mixed hair in proper ratio and matrix which makes the brushes are softer, comfier and easier in use.

Small Eye shader
Apply eyeshadow with ultra-high precision and detail for your eye look

Large Eye shadow
Apply your favorite base shade all over the eyelid

Detail Blender
Blend colors onto the lid or buff out harsh lines for a well-blended effect

Classic Eyeshadow
Smoothly blend and build a natural effect with your favorite eyeshadow

Diffused Blending
Blend strong colors into the crease for a diffused effect

Sweeper Blending
Apply and blend eye products onto the lid for an overall controlled and blended finish

Smudge Brush
Apply and smudge color onto the upper and lower lashlines

Flat Liner
Press gel, liquid or powder products along the upper and lower lashlines to create an easy, thin line.

Tapered Blending
Pick up and apply color to the crease for added depth and dimension

Soft Pencil
Use the firm tip for exact color placement or create your ideal smokey eye using pure natural hair brush to blur and push color.

Detail Liner
Line the eyes with gel or liquid liners for an artistic effect

Brow/Eyelash Brush
Dual-head eyebrow brush, apply for cream or powder products, to make a exquisite eyebrow makeup look.

Essentail Makeup Brush Set - Jessup

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