Magical Makeup Sponge 5PCS


My Beauty Sponge

My Magical Sponges are inspired by the colorful pebbles which under the rainbow. Ideal for the superb makeup experience.
These essential 5 magical sponges are the key to well-blended, flawless face look.


Material Features:

Designed with Revolutionary Foam Technology and latex-free foam. This Beauty Sponge is made with the highest quality, providing flawless results with the softness touch.

Its long-lasting material and maximum absorption are the perfect fit for all skin types and this sponge is designed to keep its original shape, without keeping odors or disintegrate.





The small circle at the bottom of the powder sponge is produced by fixing the sponge and velvet by the thimble, which is a normal process phenomenon, not damaged, and does not affect the use of makeup.



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