Real Techniques Skin Revive Your Eyes Under Eye Treatment


Help to minimize the look of under-eye bags with Real Techniques’ Under Eye Treatment Duo. The ingenious set comes equipped with everything you need to soothe the appearance of fatigue and fine lines, allowing you to embrace the illusion of smoother-looking, brighter skin. The latex-free under-eye reviver can be chilled or kept at room temperature and is ideal for a cooling massage after a challenging day.

The dome glides effortlessly across your skin, offering an at-home spa-worthy treatment, while the under-eye shields encourage you to sit back and relax. By placing your favorite serum or oil onto the shields prior to using, they help to promote optimum hydration, locking it in for long-lasting softness. Maintain the look of glowing, radiant skin on the go by popping the duo into your bag.


The mini under eye reviver can be applied, room temperature or cold, underneath the eye to help reduce puffiness. Then relax and let your favourite eye creams and serums work their magic while gently placing on the under-eye shields for locked-in moisture and reduced absorption. Replace head every 1-3 months.

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